Smart Phones

As an important part of the wireless commnunication system, smart phones connect end users to the world.

The full Newsonic portfolio of RF filters supports the communication demands in various bands and modes of smart phones. It could improve the performance of the signal chain significantly and provide the expected experience to end users.

Internet of Things

IOT(Internet of Things) has built up a world with thousands of things connected together by connecting all possbile networks.

The full Newsonic portfolio of RF filters supports the application of communication modules in various bands and modes. It could improve the signal quality significantly and help build up more efficient and reliable networks.


A wearable device is not only a local device but also a device which could communicate with the cloud.

The Newsonic portfolio of small size RF filters meets the requirements of performance, size and reliability in GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth bands. It could improve the device communication capability significantly.

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